Shopkins Birthday Party

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May 2, 2016 by 2princessees

Big E had a hard time deciding what type of birthday party she wanted to have this year. She went back and forth between an art party, a ballet party, and a Shopkins party. We told her the final decision had to be made her cousins party (See it here), which gave us 6 weeks to plan. She finally decided on the Shopkins party. Here’s our Pinboard we used to get ideas.

It was hard to find games to play for a Shopkins party. Most of the ideas we saw were trading Shopkins with other collectors or playing storebought games. Because I like to have lots of activities, I decided to plan the party around the Shoppies.

The Invitation

We decided we would have the party at our church again this year. It’s so  nice to have all the kids in one room and to have enough seats for everyone. Since I was planning a lot of the games around the Shoppies personalities, I used them for the invitation. I found them by searching for png images. I added in a few of Big E’s favorite Shopkins too.


The Outfit

This year, Shopkins fabric wasn’t released until the week after Big E’s party. Since we had to plan ahead a bit, we had to get creative. We ended up getting a store-bought shirt with her favorite Shopkin: Lippy Lips. I took the colors from that shirt and made her a twirly skirt to match. I used the Simple Life Company’s Daphne pattern to make it, but I added my own design for pockets. I also sell these skirts, if you would like to customize your own. You can see some other examples of this pattern here.


The Food

This year we decided that we didn’t need to provide a whole meal for everyone. We started the party just after lunch time, and just had light snacks and cake. Sine cake, ice cream, and punch are so sweet, we made a mix of all of Big E’s favorite snack foods and added a little bit of jelly beans for color. The snack mix was a huge hit, and it was so simple! Here’s the menu:

  • Big E’s Favorite Mix (popcorn, Cheerios, pretzels, Goldfish, and jelly beans)
  • Cake: Strawberry and gluten free chocolate(mix) with neoclassic buttercream
  • Ice cream (Vanilla or Birthday Bash)
  • Punch (Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, Raspberry Sherbet)
  • Water

food collage

The Activities

The activities were loosely based on the Shoppies. First, we played hopscotch on bubble wrap to represent Bubbleisha. I found the bubble wrap at the Dollar Tree and I used painters tape to make the grid. Next, we did some Popcorn Olympics games to represent Poppette. We also had a donut pinata to represent Dontatina, played Bingo, colored, and read jokes from a Shopkins joke book.

I made the pinata using this tutorial. It’s actually not as hard to make as you would think! It’s definitely not perfect, but it fit the theme, and I had all the supplies on hand! Big E has been asking for a pinata for several years, so we finally did it. We thought ahead and bought clearance Valentine’s Day candy to fill it. The kids definitely didn’t care that their fun dip had hearts on the packages!

DONUTPINATAHere are a few photos of the other activities. It was a wild and crazy party, but everyone had a lot of fun!

activities collage

The Decorations/Supplies

We got really lucky this year. Shopkins parties are really popular, and it was easy to find cheap decorations.  And let’s face it…Sometimes paying $1 is better than spending 3 hours making my own! Many items came from the Dollar Tree, Walmart or Five Below. I’ve posted links to some of them since I didn’t get great photos of the decorations for some reason. We didn’t actually decorate that much, but here is what we had:


It was another great party, and I had so much fun planning it! Happy 7th birthday, Big E!



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