Star Wars Birthday Party


February 13, 2016 by 2princessees

We are back to the time of year where we have birthday parties every six weeks. The first party of the year was for Big C. For his 9th birthday, he decided to have a Star Wars themed party. Of course, all good things start with Pinterest. Here’s the board that was created during the planning.

As a disclaimer, I should say that my sister and nephew planned this whole party. I was merely the photographer and helper at the craft table on the big day.

The Invitation

Because this was a long, slim photo WordPress wouldn’t let me upload it. I had to make it a more normal shape. The black edges were not on the invitation that was sent out.


The Food

When you are a 9-year-old boy, the food is the most important part of a birthday party. The cake was supposed to be frosted entirely in black. While the cake didn’t turn out exactly as we asked for, it was still pretty cute. It was a cookies and cream cake inviting you to “come to the dark side…we have cake!”

Jar-Jar links: cocktail sausages pig in the blankets

Thermal detonators: cheese balls

Obi-Wan kebobs: fruit skewered on toothpicks

Carbonite Jell-O: Star Wars shaped jigglers

Light Sabers: chocolate dipped pretzel rods

Darth Vader cake with storm trooper cupcakes

PicMonkey Collage

The Activities

The activities for this party were pretty simple. We almost always have a pin the tail on the donkey type game. This time, they pinned the lightsaber on Yoda. Next, the kids stood in front of a photo backdrop. We made this by hanging a black tablecloth on the wall and stuck star shaped post-its on it. After the party, we added the border and printed out the pictures to give the attendees.

The kids also had a spoon race with a ping pong ball with a storm trooper drawn on it. The proved to be really easy, so we replaced the ping pong ball with  thermal detonator (cheese ball) to make it a little harder! After that, they all sat down and played bingo.

Finally, they made a galaxy jar. It was a cool craft, found here. At the same time, some kids got started on their party favor activity book. It was full of printable Star Wars activities from all over the internet. It was stuck together with brass fasteners.


The Favors/Decorations

The decorations were mostly homemade. They were simple and cheap. The tables had black tablecloths with white plates and a star wars napkin. Hanging from the lights were various Star Wars pictures that were printed at the office. The birthday banner was also homemade. Streamers are cheap and make the room feel more festive. My sister picked up a giant Darth Vader balloon which sat on the gift table.

Each attendee took home a galaxy jar, an activity book, and  a Star Wars bookmark.2

Happy birthday, Big C!




2 thoughts on “Star Wars Birthday Party

  1. We LOVE a good Star Wars party! Thanks for sharing your great ideas and pictures 🙂 If you ever need additional Star Wars Party ideas, check out our blog – we have lots of other ideas too.


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