Sushi Baby Gift Set

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February 11, 2016 by 2princessees

Our good friends recently had a baby…and it was a boy! Princess Ee’s doesn’t do a lot in the way of boys attire yet, so I had no idea what to give them in celebration of their new little guy.

Our friends love sushi, so when I saw this fabric I knew I had to use it in their gift. It’s from Michael Miller, but it’s not available anymore or I would post a link. You might be able to find it on etsy or someplace if you look.


Perfect right? I considered buying a new pattern…but I wasn’t sure that a tiny baby covered in a sushi romper was the way to go. I decided to go for something useful. I made a blanket with a minky back and some burp cloths. I also threw in this fantastic baby book all about sushi. I didn’t want to throw it in a gift bag, so I searched for sushi gifts, and I came up with this idea:


Isn’t it great? Fake sushi for all the new babies!

No. Seriously. That is how much I love it.

Here’s how I did it:

  • To make the blanket:
    • Cut the sushi fabric and minky into a square36in x36in
    • Sew right sides together all around the edges but leave about 3 inches open to turn right side out.
    • Turn the blanket right side out, and topstitch about 1/4 inch away from the edges. This will also close up the turning hole.
  • To make the burp cloths
    • Cut up a bathroom towel into 3 equal parts.
    • Cut the sushi fabric into rectangles the size of the towel you just cut up
    • Sew right sides together, leaving a hole for turning.
    • Turn right side out and topstitch, closing the hole.
  • Prepare the bento basket
    • Fold the blanket neatly and wrap with tissue paper. Place the book on top of the folded blanket and wrap ribbons around both (see the left side of the photo above)
    • Fold the burpcloths in half and tightly roll. Place a piece of ribbon around the side to secure. Stuff a piece of tissue paper in the middle of the roll to look like sushi.
    • Place the blanket/book and the burpcloths in the basket and fill with tissue paper. I used red and green because that is what a sushi bento box looks like.

Next time I plan a blog post tutorial, I’ll take pictures of the steps along the way! I hope it’s easy enough for you to figure it out and get creative the next time you have to give a gift!


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