My Little Pony Party

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April 9, 2015 by 2princessees

Last weekend, we had Big E’s 6th birthday party. She picked My Little Pony as the theme for the party. This was such a fun party to plan! I guess it had a little nostalgia for me, since I loved My Little Pony as a girl. The new version isn’t really like the older version. Now, there is definitely a focus on the theme that “Friendship is Magic!”

When I started planning this party in January, I made a pinterest board to hold all the ideas I found until it was time to make decisions. Like usual, I planned to make most of the supplies for the party. Really, the only things I bought this time around was the disposable tablewear (napkins, plates, etc) and the food. I made everything else.

The Invitation

This year we decided to have the party at our church. The “party room” boasted a huge space with a sink to rinse things off before heading home. It’s nice to have a big open space without furniture to get in the way of all the party games. We had 4 long tables set up, and then a couple smaller tables where the kids could sit during lunch.

Last year we started the tradition of having friends bring donations to a local food pantry. We all have much more than we need, and we definitely do not need more toys! This allows the kids to give back a little bit and raise awareness that there are people, even in our suburban area, that do not have everything they need. The kids did great again this year! We unloaded several bags of food and diapers to take over to the pantry. Don’t worry, our girls still get plenty of gifts for their birthdays; it’s just not the focus of our celebrations. They are not doing without. I think it’s the best of both worlds.

I like to use PicMonkey to make my invitations and party supplies.  Just click “create” when you get to the site, and you have a blank canvas. The first thing I did was select the size I wanted. I knew I’d print the invitations on 5×7 paper, so that is the size I selected. Next, I changed the background to look like a chalkboard. Finally, I added in all my text and images in the way I wanted. The tip for finding images you can use is to search for .png images. These will have a transparent background, so they will great on your project.  I even found that Pinkie Pie has a song the perfectly fit with our food pantry idea. Here’s the invitation and the little card that I mailed with it that details what the food pantry needed the most. Finally, I posted a pic of the fabrics I would be using because that was the starting point to all all the colors I would be using to plan the party…Twilight Sparkles colors of course!


The Dress

Of course I would be making a dress for the birthday girl. She picked the fabric, and the dress pattern and I took it from there. I also ordered a surprise over the top hair bow that put it all together…and by over the top, I mean the thing is bigger than her head!

This is a new pattern for me, and it was my first doll pattern. Of course, Sadie had to have a matching dress! It’s the Dahlia from CKC. I love the flutter sleeves with grow with my straps that tie and the elastic casing in the back that is common in most CKC patterns. This dress is super twirly and fun!


The Activities

For the kids, this might be the most fun part of a birthday party. We had a Create-a-Pony table and then we had 6 activities, one for each of the “mane 6” ponies.

Become A Pony

I found a pony name maker on pinterest, and I redid it to make it match my theme. Each kid found their pony name, based on their birthday. Then, they designed a cutie mark on a paper circle. I printed up a sheet to give the kids cutie mark ideas, but most of them didn’t even use it! Then, we put the paper circles in a button so they could actually pin the cutie mark on their shirt. Next, they headed over to make a tail. They picked several colors of yarn for their tail, and we attached those to the back of their shirts with a safety pin. Below, you see the signs that I made for the station and Big E with her cutie mark button and tail.


Pin the Tail on Twilight

This ended up being super easy. Nearly every single kid got the tail in the right spot. We may have outgrown this game….or they could see through the blindfold!


Help Fluttershy Rescue Angel (the bunny)

Angel, is Fluttershy’s pet bunny. Basically, I wrapped streamers to an fro between some stools. The kids had to crawl through the streamers to get to the bunny. Then, they had to crawl back to complete the mission. This would preferably be done without breaking the streamers, and without stepping over them!


Applejack’s Horseshoes

Just like in one of the show’s episodes, Applejack hosted a horseshoe game. I made this game with an old diaper box and two empty paper towel rolls! For starters, I cut 6 horseshoe shapes from the diaper box. I covered 3 in gold duct tape and 3 in silver duct tape. The duct tape acted as a weight that made it easier to aim the horseshoes. For the goal, I taped the empty paper towel roll onto a piece of cardboard (I used the same diaper box). Then I covered the base of the goal with duct tape to weigh it down. I covered the paper roll in scrapbook paper to make it pretty. This game was a hit, and Big E wanted to keep it to play at home. So we have a homemade horseshoe game in our playroom now!


Rainbow Dash’s Sack Race

Of course the game focused on Rainbow Dash would be a race. We had some feed sacks left from when we did Little E’s party in June. This is a classic game and everyone had fun doing it. Little E even got in on the action with some help from Grandma!


Pinkie Pie’s Balloon Bounce

Pinkie Pie loves to throw parties. In fact, her cutie mark is a balloon! We blew up 20 balloons and told the kids to keep them in the air. The game was simple and crazy!


Rarity’s Gem Hunt

Rarity is a unicorn. In the show, her magical horn lights up to help her find gems. I hid, more like taped, ring pops all around the room. The kids could find one, and that was part of their goody bag at the end of the party. We did this game last, and most of the kids had already seen the hiding places for all the gems. The game lasted about 10 seconds, but then they decided to go ahead and eat the ring pops while they waited on their parents to return. This caused a lot of colorful tongues and teeth!


The Food

Keeping with the pony theme, we had a food the represented something about each pony. I found .png images to use when I made the food tents. Here’s the menu:

  • Rarity’s fancy sandwiches
    • pb&j, nutella, or ham/turkey & cheese with whole wheat or gluten free bread options
  • Fluttershy’s Bunny snacks (veggie tray)
    • baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers, snap peas, black olives, hummus, and ranch veggie dip
  • Rainbow Dash’s Sonic Rainboom Salad (fruit salad)
    • strawberries, cutie oranges, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes
  • Fluttershy’s potato chips (yes, the ponies in the show often eat chips!)
  • Twilight’s Potion Punch
    • Hawaiian punch, 7-up, and raspberry sherbet (because I couldn’t find pineapple sherbet)
  • Pinkie Pie’s cupcakes (and cake)
    • vanilla buttermilk or chocolate fudge cake with buttercream/cream cheese combo frosting

There were many gluten free options for those that needed it. I made the cake and cupcakes with plenty of sprinkles as requested by the birthday girl! The cake decorations were mini pony toys that we already had. I washed them in the dishwasher before using them on the cake to make sure they were clean! I also made a pennant banner for the cake with Big E’s name on it. I used yarn and paper straws to put the banner together.


The Decorations/Favors

The decorations for this party where minimal. We had a Happy Birthday banner that I created on PicMonkey. Then we had a centerpiece for each table. The centerpieces were mason jar glasses with glass rocks in the bottom. We already had the rocks and the cups. I created an element of  harmony sign for each pony and filled the space with curled paper. I attached the sign and curled paper to straws! Next to each mason jar was a pony toy that was represented by each element of harmony. Other decorations included a table cloth on the wall for a photo back drop and a rainbow from a My Little Pony game that we already had.

I lucked out on the favors. In the Target dollar spot, I found a MLP paint book that had 12 pages. Each kid got one of those and two scratch off bookmarks which was in the summer section at Hobby Lobby and 50% off one week. Several of the ponies love to read, so a bookmark was a natural choice. As mentioned above they also got a ring pop, cutie mark button, and yarn tail. My intention was to make fishtail friendship bracelets for each bag too, but a night of nasty food poisoning threw off my plans.


This was a fun party with lots of activities. Having a lot of activities allows you to have some structure at the party and prevents the kids from running wild for 2 hours! The kids will remember the fun parties you have, and not how much you spend on the party. Get creative and make your own supplies! If there is enough demand, I was considering putting all the signs and banners I made into a PDF file that you could print out. What do you think about that?


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