Craftybase: Pros & Cons

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February 23, 2015 by 2princessees

I officially started my business journey in August 2014. January 2015 came along, and I realized the Google spreadsheets I had been using where complicated. I needed something more to get ready for taxes.

Through some recommendations I found in a WAHM mom group on Facebook, I found Craftybase. It seemed like what I needed, so I signed up for the free two week trial. At the end of two weeks, I decided to keep going for a little bit. The monthly fee is $12.99, but you can earn referral discounts for the poster and the clicker. If you want to try it out, click here so you and I both can get a 10% referral discount.

Craftybase is an online small business bookkeeping service. When you are signing up, you answer a couple of questions about your business….craft seller, photographers, artists, etc. There is a category for many types of artisans. After you answer the questions, the system helps you decide what type of bookkeeping is necessary for your business. Since I manufacture clothing, I have inventory and several other categories that I must keep track of.

When I first got into Craftybase, I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of entering all my inventory into the system. It’s actually easy to enter in, but I had a lot to enter in. I like that you can add a picture of the item you are entering (mostly fabric for me), so that it’s easy to identify when you need it later.

You should enter your inventory in by adding it as an expense. That way, your financial information (what you paid, discounts, etc) will be in there too. Inventory counts as an asset, so you’ll want to know how much you paid for each thing. I had all this information in my google spreadsheet I had been using. It was just a matter of taking the time to do it. I didn’t add pictures of each item because that would take even longer! I’m adding the pictures along with the new items I buy this year though! Eventually, it will work itself out, right?


I’ve been using Craftybase for a couple of months now. Here are some things that I love:

  • When I create a product, it deducts my materials used from my inventory. Without any extra searching on my part, I know exactly how many buttons I have in my inventory.
  • When I create a recipe for a product, and estimate how much time it takes to make the product, the system gives me a price range for selling. I can adjust these percentages or leave them as default. I found that I’ve been basically making my product without paying myself! If I want to stick with this business, that will have to change.
  • I can import information from etsy so I don’t have to create an order each time.


Here are some things that I’m still considering:

  • I can’t import from paypal, and some of my sales are from paypal. It is easy to manually enter things, but if a person had a ton of paypal sales it might be time consuming….Although it’s still easier than my previous homemade google spreadsheet.
  • My google spreadsheet is free for me to use, but I have to pay for this monthly. Use my referral code and we can both get a discount! My google spreadsheet, as mentioned above, is not as easy to use as this.
  • I haven’t use this for a whole year, so I’m interested to see how this will make doing taxes easier in the end.


I’m going to stick with Craftybase for this year. I think, overall, the ease of use will make my life easier. I think the figuring of inventory and price suggestions outweigh my concerns with the service. Nicole, the contact person for Craftybase, is super nice and quickly responds to questions and concerns. There is also a group on facebook, that is not affiliated with the site, but offers a lot of helpful tips on getting it all set up.


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