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February 16, 2015 by 2princessees

It’s birthday party season in our world. My nephew is first in January, and then we have a birthday party every six weeks until June. Since there is always another party coming, the next kid with a birthday must decide on a theme by the end of the party of the one before. We are already planning a My Little Pony party for Big E!

Today, I’m posting about Big C’s Minecraft birthday party. He turned 8 this year! I’ll be honest: I knew nothing about Minecraft until this party. My mom and sister were the main party planners this time, and that is probably best since it wasn’t my area of expertise! These boy parties are getting hard for this mama who only has girls.

The first thing to planning a party, once you pick your theme, is to hit up Pinterest. Here is the pinterest board for our Minecraft Party. Our goal, as always, is to have fun on a budget. A lot of our party supplies are homemade.

The Invitation

We discovered it is easier to have a party somewhere other than your house! Everyone has more room, and when the party is over, everyone leaves. This time, we had the party at an office that rents out a big room for parties. Since Mom is a member, she got a deal on the room rental. Once you decide on the location, you need to invite people of course.

These are the invitations. We usually make the invitations in publisher or on Pic Monkey. You can find all kinds of images (google search .png images) with transparent backgrounds to add in too. Once your invitations are ready, send them to a one-hour photo or print them yourself (on cardstock) to pass out or mail.

minecraft invite

The Activities

The first activity was Pin the Tail on the Pig. Instead of a blindfold, the kids wore a Stevehead. It was just a box with paper taped on it. The game board was paper with little paper tails to tape onto the pig. It was quick, easy, and cheap! The Stevehead was a big hit!


Next there were heated games of Musical Chairs and Hot Potato using an Enderman stuffed toy. The music for these games were Minecraft songs played on a phone. It was surprising how competitive the kids got with these games. Don’t discount classic party games. Kids still love them!


The Food

The food for this party was simple. It wasn’t going to fill anyone up, but it’s always fun to have some themed foods to go along with the party. Here are the snacks…

  • pretzel sticks
  • fruit salad
    • green grapes-slimeballs
    • pineapple-gold
    • strawberries-redstone
    • blueberries-diamonds
  • creeper juice punch
    • green Hawaiian Punch, 7-UP, pineapple juice
  • TNT bundles
    • red twizzler bundles with one chocolate twizzler
  • TNT bomb cake and green gluten free cupcakes


The Decorations/Favors

Decorations were simple. Beside green tablecloths, everything was homemade. A banner and torches were made in Publisher, but could easily be made in PicMonkey as well. Little boxes filled with m&ms were on each table with a lunch bag with tissue flames for torches. The kids took the little boxes of m&m’s and the TNT bundles for their favors.


This party had a lot of homemade decorations and simple games. Kids remember the fun things, not how much money you spend. Be creative, and use what you have on hand the next time you have a party. You’ll be surprised at what you can come up with!

Happy birthday, Zaney! We love you!


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