Round-Up: Teacher and Neighbor Gift Ideas

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December 16, 2014 by 2princessees

Christmas is the time of year we can show those around us that we care. We can’t afford to give a lot, so I went on a quest to find cost-effective gift ideas. Thank you, Pinterest, for taking half my day away. I found tons of ideas that I could share with you, but I’m just going to round-up some of my favorites. These would be great ideas for teachers, neighbors, or coworkers.

Teacher Questionnaire

Earlier this year, I sent a questionnaire to my daughter’s teacher to find out what types of things she is interested in. After I got the responses back, I copied this and sent it with a letter to all the other parents in the class. Now, throughout the year, I have an idea for little pick-me-ups that I know her teacher will love! From her list, I found that she would love books or indoor recess games for the classroom. She also listed Amazon and Target gift cards to buy supplies. Of course there were other personal things like her favorite candy and snacks too.

I’ve added a pdf if you would like to use it sometime: HolidaySurvey

Clementine Wreath

This clementine wreath is so cute! It’s also a healthy, delicious option during a time of year when a lot of candy and treats are given out. Check out the tutorial on how to make it here.

Photo from Omiyage Blogs

Photo from Omiyage Blogs

All That and a Bag of Chips

This is a gift I know my husband would be thrilled to get! I’m sure there are others out there who can agree. I found this here.

The Bus Driver

The bus driver is responsible for getting our little ones safely to and from school each day. Don’t forget about them! This super cute and simple idea comes from here.

Movie Night

I just love this Movie Night idea! I had no idea you could purchase PROMO codes from Redbox! I saw this great idea here.

Photo from the Crafting Chicks

Chapstick Cozy

If a food gift isn’t what you are looking for, how about a chapstick cozy found here? Just add a note like “Merry Kissmas and Chappy New Year!”


There are so many great ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg! Check out some others that I pinned on my Gift Ideas Pinterest board!


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