Halloween 2014: Fairies, Cops, and Robbers

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November 13, 2014 by 2princessees

Each year for Halloween, my mom likes to plan a theme for all the costumes of the grandkids. This year, the theme was cops and robbers. When I first ran the idea across Big E, she was not thrilled. She was pretty insistent  that if there were no sparkles, wings, princess, or girly things she wanted no part of it. We compromised and let her pick another costume to wear to various other Halloween events, and then use the robber costume for family trick-or-treating. The compromise worked, and she picked to be a fairy. Tinkerbelle to be exact. So, this year I made two costumes for each of my two girls in addition to the costumes that I made for customers (Check out some customer orders here!).

First up, we have the fairies. Big E wanted to be just like Tinkerbelle. We picked pink for Little E, since she doesn’t really care too much right now. We told her she was Rosetta, but she said she was, “Pink Tink.” Basically, I used the bodice of a princess dress pattern that I have to make the top. I hand-shaped the petals and attached tulle on the bottom. I used this free pattern from Create Kids Couture to make leg warmers for Big E. These were the costumes we wore to ballet, ZooBoo, and trick-or-treating on Halloween night.
Do you like my chalkboard sign? I saw it on Pinterest, and I thought it was a cute to leave out with the candy while we were trick-or-treating.
Now, on to the cops and robbers theme. My mom saw an idea on Pinterest, and that is how it all began. It was a big secret until the day of the reveal. There were lots of guesses on my facebook page, but no one got it right. We took lots of pictures that highlighted the theme well. Doesn’t everyone drive around town looking for metal gates that look like prison bars? Well, there is a metal gate…and it was at a cemetery. A friend, who is a policeman, let us take pictures with his car too. Then, we visited a lot of our friends and family. Big E kept making “mean, robber” faces the whole night. So funny!
The girls both got super girly, super poofy dresses. I bought a pattern that will make a perfect party dress, and I plan to use it again in the future because it fit so well. The bottom portion of the dress had to be adjusted to fit our theme. I made tutu’s to wear under the dresses so they would really stand out. I used this tutorial to figure out how to make them as big as possible….Let’s just say a size 6 tutu has about 18 yards of tulle! I didn’t add a ribbon to mine since I just used it as an underskirt, but I’m thinking of adding the tutu’s to my shop if you are interested. My younger nephew wore a striped shirt paired with those cheap gloves and hats from the store. All the robbers had face paint masks painted on to complete their look. My older nephew had a policeman costume.  All the kids used shoe bags with a $ painted on with fabric markers. 

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