Learning: Big E in a Bigger World

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July 16, 2014 by 2princessees

     Big E is getting ready to go to Kindergarten! I can’t believe it. When we registered her, we were given a packet of things each student could work on before coming to the screen at the end of the summer. Examples of things in the packet include the alphabet, counting to twenty, and writing name. Out of about 50 things, there were only 2 things Big E didn’t know! (Thank you PBS, Preschool teachers, and lots of other people!) The two things were her address and phone number. Since the screening is next week, I thought I should find some way to teach her these things.
     I went to my go-to site for searching for creative ideas; Pinterest. A couple hours and distractions later, I finally picked something. I made some changes to the original post I saw to fit our needs. I really needed to include the address and phone number on our project, so I added them. I also wanted Big E to practice writing. I think every five year old needs help there!
    To get ready, I Googled images of my city, state, country, etc. I copied them onto a document and printed them out. I also printed a map of our neighborhood for our address. I let Big E cut them apart. While she was cutting, I cut some construction paper to make our flip book. To do this, I cut about an inch off of the second to last page, two inches off the next one, three inches off the following page, etc. Then I stacked the pages (longest on the bottom) and punch two holes in the top. I put some yarn through the holes to hold the book together. Here’s the picture of the final book, but you can see what the stacked pages look like.

     Once everything was ready, we got to work. First Big E wrote the category on each page: My phone number, My address, My city, etc. Next, she sorted the pictures that went with each category and glued them onto the correct page. Finally, she wrote her address, city, etc and glued those onto the correct pages. Here is a collage showing you what most of the pages looked like when she got them finished.
     There are so many ways to use this flip book! We talked about how the planet is the biggest page and it’s the biggest part of where we are. A phone is a tiny object in a house, in a city, in a state, etc. 
     Writing your address one time is not enough to learn it. Big E already knew the name of our street, so we just need to learn the numbers. Here are some other ideas we are using to  learn  address and phone numbers:
Turn it into a song or here I love using songs. My kids really respond to this. If they can memorize all of “Let it Go”, they can memorize their address 🙂
write letters to far away friends


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