Father’s Day Pop Box


June 15, 2014 by 2princessees

     I love to put together themed gifts. I’m not sure if I could function if I just threw a bunch of random stuff together in a bag. So, this year for Father’s Day was no different. Our theme was “Pops” since that is a name some people call their dad. This gift doesn’t have to be limited to Father’s Day. It could be given on any day or special occasion.
     I asked Big E what kinds of things had the word “Pop” in it, and she thought of popcorn. That may have been a question too big for a five year old. I thought of a few things, and called my sister who helped me think of a couple things too. Then, we set out on the adventure of finding everything. We started in the cereal aisle, and we found the Pops cereal. Big E is just starting to read a little bit, so we looked at the word Pops and she figured out what it said on her own. Then we headed down a few more rows to gather more gifts. All the items could be found at any local discount store with one exception. The Pig Popper was bought at a local bookstore.  You can also find them on Amazon and other specialty stores. There are also many other animals to choose from. Big E chose the pig.
    Our box of “Pops” for Pops included retro Mountain Dew soda pop, popcorn, Corn Pops cereal, Pop-Tarts, Popsicles, Pop-it’s  (fireworks), Pop Rocks, and the Pig Popper. I put all these gifts in a box and stuffed tissue paper in it. Since we had the soda, the box was sturdy enough to handle the weight. Try to keep that in mind when you are packaging your gifts!
Other ideas we thought of but didn’t include were ring pops, push pops, and tootsie pops.



One thought on “Father’s Day Pop Box

  1. R.K. says:

    cute idea and one that can be shared!


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